Kastellet – My first visit to Copenhagen fortress

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DSC_6328Well, my love at first sight of #Denmark happened in this place. People of this country are fitness minded and one of the most modern city Copenhagen has one of the highest level of greeneries among European cities. You will get such flavour, if you happened to this place.

What is #Kastellet ?

According to Wikipedia, it is kind of star fortress built in pentagon shape with bastion at ends.

Lush green planes and tracks surrounding 18th century barracks, chapel and a historic windmill. Anytime of the day, you will find at least someone to jog around. This is what the Kastellet in Copenhagen.

DSC_6345The citadel or Kastellet has 2 dutch baroque style gates, one facing city which called King’s gate ( first picture ) another called Norway gate.

There are 5 bastions, commander house, #Windmill , powder house, Moat and Smedelinien Outworks.

DSC_6352DSC_5911From the ramparts there’s beautiful views of the harbour and Marmorkirken’s dome.

Kastellet is still has some military activity and under defence ministry of Denmark.

Little beyond the fortress’ southern side is Anders Bundgaard’s monumental Gefion fountain, representing the Nordic goddess Gefion.

DSC_5907DSC_6354History of Kastellet – Construction initiated by Christian IV and succeeded by Frederik III in 1662. Later it was rebuilt by dutch engineer after Swedish siege ( 1658 – 1660 ). It was been part of defence in battles. Lastly it was renovated by #A.P.Moller family in ( 1989-1999).

How to Visit Kastellet – This is one of the place worth visiting while you are in heart of Copenhagen. This is very near to another tourist spot the “Little Mermaid” in the harbour area of Copenhagen. Distance of Citadel is walkable like 10 minutes from #Østerport station / bus stop. This station is 2 stop in tog ( s- train ) from Copenhagen central ( København H abbreviation of Københavns Hovedbanegård ). You can catch buses like route 26 or 1s.

In other way, you can walk down from #Nyhavn.

Address: Kastellet (Citadel), Gl. Hovedvagt, Kastellet 1, 2100 København