DSC_7246_zooWant to have a day out with your kids ? If you want to be surrounded by penguins, kangaroos and bring out your inner childhood then this is one of the best places around Copenhagen.

Located in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen and not more than 25 minutes from Copenhagen Central. Buses like 6A towards Rødovrehallen from Hovedbanegården (Vesterbrogade) goes to this place. You have to get down at stoppage Zoologisk Have (Roskildevej). You can avail free transportation in Copenhagen Zoo buses from Little mermaid.

This zoo started off it’s journey in the year of 1859 and currently hosts more than 3000 species including some rare species.

Entry tickets price for adult is 180kr and for children between 3-11 is 100kr. You can buy ticket on line https://zoo.dk/da/besoeg-zoo/priser-billetter-og-aarskort/

or you can queue for 5-10 minutes to get one. Copenhagen card holder can get in free of cost.

There’s Europe’s one of the tallest wooden observatory right beside the entrance inside.


The zoo has been spread in 4 marked area depending on the geographies.

Some of the animals are not kept in any division like

Humboldt penguinsCalifornia sea lionsblack-capped squirrel monkeyschimpanzees , lions, bactrian camels, American flamingos, scarlet ibises, roseate spoonbills, Dalmatian pelicans, turkey vultures,

The Nordics and the Arctic Ring – The main attraction of this area is polar bear. Apart from this, there are harbour seals, snowy owls, reindeer, musk oxen, brown bears, arctic foxes and grey wolves.

Asia – Asian elephant, tiger, Amur leopard, red pandas etc are the inhabitants of these area.

Africa – Giraffes, white rhinoceroses, impalas, sable antelopes, ostriches and plains zebras etc can be seen in this region.


Tasmania – Apart from rare species like Tasmanian devils, you can see red-necked wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos and common wombats.


South America – You can see species such as capybaras, guanacos, greater rheas, Patagonian maras, southern screamers from South America.

Tropical Zoo – This is kind of rain forest spread across 1500 m2 containing different birds rare yellow-headed Amazon and Java mouse-deer.


In the zoo area you can have eateries and multiple activity zones. There’s different feeding time for animals which is very interesting to watch.