How I visited Tintin’s home in Brussels

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Hey… are you a #Tintin fan? No matter, how old you are… you should give a visit to Tintin museum or Musée Hergé ( Hergé Museum) . The museum is dedicated to the creator of Tintin, Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi. I am always a Tintin fan since my childhood days but after visiting here I understood how much he is loved here.


It was my quick visit to #Brussels and I was very excited to reach #Hergé Museum . We had chosen our base carefully so that we get all the tour operator’s office in walk-able distance. Our hotel was off the Grand Place and the tour started from Brussels City tour office address Grasmarkt 82 1000 Brussels.

We booked the trip online from their portal. Adult ticket costs 20 Euro and child have discounted rate depending on the age of your kid. Usually their tour starts in afternoon and you need to report at least 15 mins before. Museum opens at 10 AM in morning and closes by 6 PM.


I found the place quite outskirt of the city hence you have to plan your route if you go of your own. But keep in mind, in that case you have to consider an hour in transportation. If you are going by train make sure you head for Louvain-la Neuve which is almost an hour journey from Brussels.There’s not much direction given once you are in Louvain. I hope they get better signage in future. As a new bee in city and save time, I opted for this tour by them. This was actually quite hassle free. You got a coach with a small group of tourists all headed to the museum tour only. There once reached, all disembark and driver will just show you the entrance and will give you the time to come back, which is around 3 hours.



We already had tickets so we just proceeded reception to collect the audio guide.  This audio guide is quite informative and easy to navigate but may be some of them need maintenance. The museum itself was beautiful. Found school kids here and there in some groups trying their hands in drawing comics. There’s lots of original artwork together with background information about the artist himself. You will get to see the first comic strip developed by Remi, The Adventures of Totor, which is said to be predecessor of Tintin. Though it’s mainly Tintin museum still Hergé’s other comic strip characters, such as Jo, Zette and Jocko, as well as his other work as a graphic designer, are also present there.


Two storied museum has lot of life size display of characters, their props which will surely take you back through the adventures of Tintin. There’s a studio where you can chose your story back ground and character to be snapped with and they will send you the copy to your email.


There’s cool restaurant Le Petit Vingtième which I find little bit pricey and in ground floor there’s beautiful souvenir shop. I collected all the characters of team Tintin 🙂


To conclude, I must say, it is a childhood dream to visit this museum for many people, so am I and I fulfilled it in this visit. I strongly recommend this museum to the Tintin fans as well as the children of this age to include it in their Brussels visit.