How I started my Danish Summer… part 1

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My Danish living started in a month of May and lasted for little less than half of the year. So ideally I can say, I spent a Danish summer. Before this I hardly spent so many days in any European country. Initial days were not so easy to settle down, but there were few things which helped me to make life easier. I am going to tell you what I did right and what I didn’t do right also what should have been done.

When: As I told, I landed in Denmark in 3rd week of May… just the beginning of summer, I felt cold. Coming from Indian summer was a sea change in weather for me. Cool European breeze along with sudden shower surprised me quite a lot. Weather was became milder to hot as it progress towards June-July. Still it was never as scorching summer. It was around 25C most of the day time. Again keep umbrella( a sturdy one ) or a waterproof suit with you. Rain could be on card any time. I had a very bitter experience of thunderstorm at night when I was heading towards my hotel. I survived courtesy to my sturdy single fold umbrella, which I bought from an old goods store in 20DKK.

Take it from me, I actually destroyed couple of 2 fold or 3 fold fancy umbrella trying to use them during strong wind. Winds are so strong.

Where: My entire stay was in Copenhagen; Copenhagen airport in Kastrup usually called as Kastrup airport or in short CPH is located in Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark. My apart hotel was located around 30 mins drive from Airport and two stop from Central station Kobenhavn H. My place was near Indiakaj and just off  the bus stop( 26 route) Dampfærgevej.


Location Advantage / Disadvantage : Yesss… my place was not in Central location. So I was not expected to be greeted with lots of Coffee shops, eateries, shopping malls or not to be seen with frequent transport to ply. Perhaps these were the only disadvantages I saw.

On the other hand, let me list down advantages of being little out of central Copenhagen…

First of all, if you are there to stay a long in Copenhagen, then eventually you will shell out more, trying to be centrally located or trying to save two stop in Trains( Hotel room costs heavy around Central or around Kongens Nytorv specially in #summer season.


Departmental stores will have more rush and busy roads will have higher commotion.

My place was Adina Apart hotel,  nearby Østerport Station which is one of the important station which can be used to catch Regional trains to places like #Roskilde, #Helsingor, #Malmo etc.

However as per your budget, you may choose your staying option other than hotels. My stay was in a Apart hotel where I didn’t have to worry of my breakfast but I could cook the dinner easily. There are few departmental stores which serves your daily cooking needs.

Departmental Stores: As per order of available branches at important location, I found Netto, Fotex, Irma, Bilka, Rima 1000 to name some of them.

Some of the shops near Norrebro keeps Asian spices and veggies even fishes. You may certainly reach out to me if you need more details.

If you are not much in the game of cooking, you may certainly try take away like

Mums Deli

Or restaurants like…

A full course meal will certainly costs you over 125DKK.

There are many properties which are rented out during the summer season but some of them need CPR number if you want to stay longer.

One of the portal to check such apartments…

Be aware that summer season is the tourist season in Scandic countries and have seen tourists flock around from mid of June. To be on safer side you should start checking availability / book at least 3 months early.

How to Commute:

First of all get a good walking shoe; Cobblestone roads are every where and you have to be ready for a good walk either you want to go to some local attraction or want to catch a bus.


To commute around Copenhagen you need to catch either or combination of Bus, Train and Metro. I was in Copenhagen for an official assignment and I had to commute daily from my place to office and it was typically bus journey with a change in between.

For bus you need to use either monthly travel pass issued by DSB ( from Central station I used get this personalised travel pass.

If you are for only few days of vacation or business, then probably use of Rejsekort or Copenhagen card will make sense.

If you carry named or unnamed #Rejsekort, you literally free from worries of Zones and transport medium( bus, train , metro ). I used to carry one when I travelled outside my daily commuting “zone”.

Most of the 711 shops sell such cards and you can top up at most of the stations. I would suggest get this one from Airport, once you land CPH.

Trains ( S-tog ) runs every 4-20 mins and covers most of the locations in city and around outskirt.

A or C buses are very frequent and runs in each 3-7 mins but only numbered buses ply in every 15 mins ( time may vary ).

Metro services runs  between important stations like Kastrup, Norreport, Kongents Nytorv and many more.!/

You may also call Taxi, but thats not a cheaper option ( I did only couple of times to/from airport ).

The best medium to travel in city, what danish people encourage is bicycle; The city has dedicated bicycle path beside the footpath. You can rent a cycle from your hotel at the cost of around 120DKK for 24 hours or cheaper one from kommune.


Please remember, if you are in Denmark for longer period( not applicable for tourist ) or in Work Visa or else you must visit International house as soon as possible for your CPR registration. Without CPR registration, your health is not covered by hospitalisation or any medical benefit of Danish government.

Hope these blog will help you a bit on transportation and settling down in Copenhagen. I will come up with places, shopping centres and food on my next article… till the time … Farvel…