Are you visiting Iceland? Visit the Kerið crater

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Where: Kerid is a volcanic crater lake located in the Iceland’s Western Volcanic Zone and northern end of row of crater named as Tjarnarhólar. It is oval in shape , approx 270mtr in length, 170mtr wide and 55mtr depth. Though the depth varies quite obviously. This crater is 3000 years old and is quite younger amongst it’s peers.


“Western volcanic zone includes the Reykjanes peninsula and the Langjökull Glacier, created as the land moved over a localized hotspot, but it is the one that has the most visually recognizable caldera still intact as per the available information. The caldera, like the other volcanic rock in the area, is composed of a red (rather than black) volcanic rock.” ( Wiki )

How it formed: When a volcano has erupted enough of magma and emptied inside, it can’t hold the mountain anymore and collapse to form a circular space on earth. Vulcanologists classified Kerid as a large scoria crater. Cavities and fissures in the rock are filled with ground waters. The surface of such ground water is called water table. Water in Kerid rises and falls according to changes in level of water table.

How to Reach: We reached the place in the morning. Our #Golden circle trip included the entry pass for us and children below 12 years are free. It took us approx an hour to reach from #Reykjavik. It is located on Iceland’s popular Ring Road. A drive of 30-40 mins through Ring Road 1 and 10-15 mins through Ring road 35 will get you there.

Entering to the site we were greeted with red volcanic soil and aqua blue water. Heard that the water in caldera freezes to ice during winter and shows up with complete different view altogether.

Either you choose to ascend following a trail or descend hiking steps. We choose to descend to touch the water.


I heard from a fellow traveller that they some times organise concerts here or floating on water and audience experience from top.

Tips: Don’t forget good hiking shoes preferably something with good grip and waterproof material. When you are in #Iceland, be ready for walking or hiking in some natural paths.

Reach out to me for any further information…would be happy to help.