Why you should visit Malmö

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Have you ever considered a visit to Malmo during your Copenhagen stay ? Do you know about the longest combined rail and road bridge of Europe?

Here comes Malmo the Swedish city which is connected to Danish capital Copenhagen by Öresund Bridge which is approximately 8km over the Øresund strait. The journey itself is a treat to eyes.

Malmo is the capital of Skane province in southwestern part of Sweden. Since 16th century it had been a major fishing port in Scandinavia.

It will surprise you with it’s unique sculpture, architectural heritage, art and lovely cafes literally in every bend of a road. A good walk towards central station and crossing the Davidshallsbron bridge over a canal surprised me with shoes by the side of it. In recognition of famous Swedish people bronze shoes have been sculptured along the bridge.


The Stortorget:

The most popular locality of Malmo is the city center or the Stotorget. It was built around 1536. Since then it has become one of greatest city center of Scandinavia. Great eateries, cafes surrounded by charming old town which is called Gamla Staden. There’s King Charles X’s statue in the center.


There is Malmo museum ( Malmomuseer ) which is a art museum the museum of natural history, science  & technology and Maritime museum.

Amid the beautiful cobbled stone street and eateries there’s a small little square called Lilla Torg which attracts lot of tourist as well as locals.

A part of town Möllevångstorget you will get to see farmer’s market, many craft shops.



This is the town hall dated 1546 and still having it’s greatest presence in Stotorget. In went through a make over during 19th century. The architect of the building is F.W. Scholander. You may try the Swedish restaurant in it’s basement named Rådhuskällaren


St Petri Kyrka (St. Peter’s Church):

Northest of Stotorget is St. Peter’s Church. Built in 14th century this architecture truly reflects Baltic-Gothic style. This church’s has largest ornate pulpit of all Scandinavian church. This is the oldest building in the city.




If you are up to some modern architecture, you may visit Turning Torso a Neo-futuristic tallest building of Sweden.


  • Don’t forget to try Swedish “fika” an afternoon coffee with cake in local cafee
  • Try some shopping around, you may find attractive deals on scandic stuffs over Copenhagen.


How To Go:

You can go to Malmo from Copenhagen by Bus, Car, Train or even by Air !!

I did both of car and train . Car takes around 40-50 minutes depending upon traffic crowd towards Ameger from Copenhagen. There’s a a toll fee and crossing the bridge will cost around 54 EURO. Bus and train is way cheaper. However if you drive to and fro, then the bridge pass will be cheaper. I remember it took us around 190EUR by a 8 seat coach.There’s a weekdays travel discount from 5 PM to 12 AM or when you return within 6 hours.

Traveling by bus is cheaper option. Flybus  has great service from CPH airport to Malmo. Gråhund bus on bus line 999 also runs.

Train from Copenhagen to Malmo is another popular option. I returned from Malmo by train and it’s quite cheap and comfortable. There’s train from major station like Osterport or Central in every 20 mins. You can buy tickets easily from automated machines from station itself. This option costed me less than half of car journey.